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How To Take Care Of The Beard: Basic Tips

The beard, like other parts of the body, requires special care. Just as you care for and wash your hair daily, you should do the same with your beard as an important part of your image. Only in this way will you prevent facial hair and skin from suffering and deteriorating. Remember that the face area is very sensitive.

Growing a beard is easy, but keeping it clean, well-groomed, and pretty is not so easy! If you don’t grow your beard longer because you can’t make it look good, don’t worry, because there is a solution. Surely you have your routine and your favorite products to take care of your hair… What prevents you from doing the same with your beard?

Taking care of it is even more important than taking care of the hair. A visit to the barber is always useful, but by following a few simple steps you can ensure that you have an enviable beard for longer. Read on if you want to grow a top-notch beard!

Beard care is simple, but it must be daily. If you have decided to wear a great beard, follow these basic tips.

Practical tips for beard care

Wash the beard

The beard, like the hair, needs daily hygiene and conditioning. It is exposed throughout the day to odours, smoke, food remains, etc. The best time to wash your beard is in the shower: when you’ve finished showering and with your pores open.

LXR recommends using a beard shampoo since it is a product specially formulated to hydrate and soften the very different texture that brings together the hair of the beard. Do not forget to give it a good review always after each meal.

It is best to choose specific shampoos or soaps for beards that are made with natural ingredients, that is, without silicones or unnecessary chemicals.

Create your evening ritual

Are you still one of those who shave in the morning in five minutes before rushing to work? So it is difficult to take care of the beard. The idea is to create a beard care ritual that also helps you relax, and it is best to do it at night, as this will give our beard and skin enough time for the products to penetrate well and take effect. In this ritual, we include the daily cleaning of the beard and also the next step: hydration.

Moisturize the beard

It is very important not to neglect the skin in the area where the beard is. The beard acts as a protection, which prevents the skin from oxygenating and regenerating in the same way as without a beard. Good hydration of the area will prevent it from drying out or having flaking problems. Dry the beard well after each wash, avoiding leaving the beard hair damp. There is a wide variety of products to moisturize the beard: oils, wax, shampoos, tonics, etc.

The beard cream or balm is ideal for the most sensitive skin and the toughest beards since it is a highly moisturizing product. If you itch frequently, it is the most suitable option. If, on the other hand, you do not have these problems, these balms seem too thick and you prefer something easier to spread, you will surely prefer beard oils. They also have moisturizing properties, so if you don’t have overly dry skin, they are sure to give you good results.

Combing the beard

The night ritual is very important, but it is not everything. Did you know that combing the beard also gives long-term results? Brushing causes the beard to release its natural oils so that it will look shinier, softer, and more beautiful.

In addition, it stimulates the skin follicles and hair growth, so you will see more results as the days go by. If you have unruly hair, you can comb it to redirect it, making it easier to tame. You can brush your hair at night and in the morning, but you might need a smaller comb to carry around with you all day so you can use it whenever you need to.

As with the hair, for the care of the beard, it is important to comb it. Use a brush or comb to accompany you with the dryer. In this way, you will prevent knots from forming and an untangled and stretched beard will remain: a healthy beard. You will be surprised can change your beard with these small care and maintenance habits.

Give it your style

If you have decided to grow a beard, surely you already know what style you want. Whether you are clear about it or not, we advise you to consult your barber or stylist to give it the desired shape, especially if what you want is a lush and long beard. It is especially important to visit your barber 15-20 days after deciding to grow a beard. Your barber will shape it. You can fix and care for it yourself at home with the advice and appropriate styling and care products.

Follow these easy steps and notice your prettier and healthier growing beard.

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