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Shed Skirting Projects to Complete in a Weekend

Is there a gap between the bottom of your shed and the ground it is sitting on? Not only is that gap usually ugly, but it can also give critters a place to build a nest underneath the shed and even eventually chew their way into it. Thankfully, you can add skirting to the gap, which can greatly improve the overall look of your shed. Skirting can also help keep unwanted critters from turning the space into their nest. There are so many different options for shed skirting, many of which are DIY friendly. In this article, we will look at some of the best shed skirting projects that you can complete in a weekend.

What is shed skirting?

Skirting is the material that surrounds the bottom part of a building, covering the crawl space of the shed. Sometimes it is only a few inches tall, but it can also be up to a foot high. Skirting material can be anything from faux stone to vinyl, to lattice, or even lumber boards.

Shed skirting is important for both aesthetic and functional reasons. It will give the shed a more finished look by covering up unsightly concrete or foundation. In fact, many homeowners’ associations require people to add skirting to sheds for aesthetic reasons.

If your shed is sitting on top of concrete blocks, there are usually gaps where anything from the neighbor’s cat to mice to other wild animals can get under the shed and make themselves at home. They make eventually chew their way into the shed or destroy any wires that are underneath the shed.

What should I use for shed skirting?

There are a lot of different material options that you can use to create a skirting that looks beautiful and keeps critters out. Let’s take a look at some of the skirting project ideas you can complete in a weekend.


Lattice is one of the most commonly used choices for shed skirting. It is affordable and can easily be installed over the course of a weekend. You can find it in wood or vinyl, and it is simple to paint to make it match the color of the shed.

The one issue with lattice is that it is usually not tight enough to keep out critters on its own. If you want to use lattice for your shed skirting, it would be a good idea to install chicken wire or hardware cloth to the back of it so critters cannot get in.

Smart Skirting

Smart shed skirting is a unique option that can give you more storage space. Smart skirting gives you big drawers to install under the shed, giving you more storage and filling the gap with something functional. If you have more gardening tools than fit in your shed, this is an excellent solution.

Concrete Landscaping Blocks

Concrete landscaping blocks are a durable way to fill the gaps to create skirting. They will not rot over time like wood will, and it is not something that critters can chew through. This can be a pretty expensive skirting option, though, so it is not something that many people on a budget can afford to use. The installation of concrete landscaping blocks is also labor intensive, so it may not be something that everyone can complete in a single weekend. Concrete also will not give you much airflow, so there is a chance that moisture can collect under the shed.

Commercial Metal Skirting

Commercial metal skirting is available for purchase in sheets, and it is a durable option for shed skirting. Metal can handle a lot of harsh weather without taking too much damage. However, it can be difficult to DIY install this siding if you do not have any experience working with metal. Take the time to research installing it before you purchase it.

Brick Shed Skirting

Bricks are a classic look that can make your shed look a little more like it is completed, especially if your house is brick or has brick skirting. It can also be designed to allow for airflow by incorporating vents into the design that allow for airflow while keeping critters out. However, brick is another option that is pretty expensive, and it is not always easy to install. One great option to get the look of brick without the price is to get brick veneer for shed skirting. It has the same look and feel as natural brick, but you can easily turn it into shed skirting in a few hours.

Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks are a good material to use if you live in a temperate region. They are pretty durable, and they require minimal maintenance. However, if you are on a budget, there are better choices to go with, as it can be pretty expensive. Depending on how big your shed is, you might need more than a single weekend to install hollow blocks, but they can be a beautiful addition to your shed if it is in your price range.

Pressure-Treated Lumber

Another easy way to create shed skirting on a weekend is by using pressure-treated lumber. Pressure-treated lumber is lumber that has been infused with preservatives to help prevent it from rotting and to help prevent insects from damaging it. It can be installed relatively quickly and is a good way to give you an attractive skirting. You can paint it easily too, so it matches the rest of the shed or complements it and makes it stand out.

Planter Box Skirting

If you love gardening, one way to incorporate that into your shed skirting is by using lumber for the skirting and then expanding that into a large planter box. You can have fun with it and bring a touch of natural beauty to your shed. If the gap is larger, you can always plant some bushes or bigger plants to help conceal what is not being covered by the wooden skirting.

Keep in mind when using a planter box that it will probably require regular maintenance. You might need to change out the lumber every so often to ensure that the wood does not rot or build up moisture and mildew. Using pressure-treated lumber can help you prevent rot, bugs, and moisture buildup since it is treated to prevent those things.

Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is a practical shed skirting solution, but it is not the most attractive option. If you need a quick solution to keep critters out, you can install chicken wire as your skirting. You just need a staple gun to attach it to the framing of the shed, so it will not even take an entire afternoon to install it.

Faux Stone Skirting

The look of natural stone is absolutely stunning, but its price tag is not. That is where faux stone comes in. You can easily use it for your shed skirting, and it can take your shed’s look to a whole new level. It is significantly less expensive than using natural stone, and you can easily DIY install it in a single weekend. There are many styles available for it, so it is easy to find something that will fit in with your home’s look and feel.


If your shed has a smaller gap of only an inch or two, you can buy enough gravel to create a thick gravel bed to hide the skirting. While this is not really a skirting option, it is something you can use to cover a small gap. This will not keep pests from going under the shed, so if you want something to keep critters out, you will need a different skirting option.

Vinyl Shed Skirting

Vinyl panels are affordable and easy to install, making them a good option for shed skirting. It is not the most durable of materials, but it will not rust or rot like wood or metal will, so it is a good option for something that will be that close to the ground. You can find it in a lot of different colors and styles, so you can find something that will work with your look. You can even find some vinyl options that have tiny vents in them so the underside of the shed gets some ventilation.

Final Thoughts

The skirting of your shed is more important than you think. You need something that is functional and looks attractive. There are a lot of options out there, so you can find something you love that will fit into your budget.

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