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The Art of Interior Design: Styling Your Home With the Artistry of Interior Design

Design Your Dream Home Like an Interior Designer

When redesigning your home, an element of art goes into the creation of your remodel. Interior designers see each room as a blank art canvas to create a new masterpiece. From furniture to wall color to decor, finding the right interior style for your home will show your personality, favorite designs, and love for creating a warm and welcoming living space.

6 Keys to Styling Your Home’s Interior Design

There are several ideas that interior designers look at when they are creating a 3D rendering of a home remodel. These perspectives combine to create the artistic design of each room, outside appearance, and landscape.

1. Style

There are many styles of interior design. Viewing a variety of styles will give you a good idea of what fits your home’s personality. Home is where you want to be comfortable and enjoy sitting and looking at the decor, so your style choice is essential to your remodel. Popular styles include:

  • Modern
  • Colonial
  • Farmhouse
  • Craftsman
  • Minimalistic
  • Eclectic
  • Bohemian
  • Mediterranean
  • Mid-Century Modern

Once you choose your style, the tapestry of your room’s art will unfold. Finding amazing colors, furniture, and decor will begin resonating with you as you decide on a focused theme and start putting the pieces together.

2. Balance

With art, there comes a balance of colors, patterns, and the amount of decoration. When you overdo colors or decor, it makes a room feel small and closed in. However, if you under-decorate, the room feels empty. Interior designers take time to look at a room and what you want in it before deciding on colors, furniture, and other accessories.

An excellent rule of thumb that many interior designers turn to when creating a room’s image is to focus on a 2:3 ratio. The home designer’s rule of portion means the interior design artist will take the room and put a line splitting the room at the 2:3 point. When deciding where to put large furniture, such as a couch, you will want to place it on the large side of the room. Furniture that accents your couch in that same space, such as a coffee table, will need to measure no more than two-thirds the size of the couch.

Smaller items and decor then go to the other side of the room, such as side tables, bookshelves, etc. Evenly portioning your room gives a balance of the furniture and decor so the room looks spacious and attractive.

3. Contrast

Choosing colors for your room is an exciting way to share your personality and favorite color palette. Start with one color and work with contrasting colors to bring a stunning look to your room. Accents in the room will bring out your decor, furniture, carpets, and more.

Looking at your style and vision of the room, start with a single color. Then work with that color to find a contrasting yet complimenting hue to accent it. For example, if you want bold, black and white are always excellent contrasting colors that bring a modern look. Blue and orange pop well together and bring an eclectic look to the room. Light tan with pale green or light grey with lavender are fantastic choices for softer tones.

Choosing your contrasting colors can come from a variety of perspectives. You may start with your wall paint and then work on furniture and decor to accent the wall color. You may have a sofa that you love and want to create a room around the design of the fabric. Pull your primary color from it and start working. Sometimes, your decor becomes the room’s centerpiece, whether a figurine or a painting. You can display color tones throughout the room to bring the eyes of your guests directly to the art.

4. Lighting

In every room of your home, lighting is an essential feature. When deciding on the light hues and tones in your dream home, you will want to consider maximizing your natural light and accentuating it with additional lighting sources. Tall lamps, table lamps, recessed lights, and more are possibilities you have for creating a beautifully well-lit room.

As you decide on your room’s lighting, make sure there is a balance between where you place the lighting vs. how the light shines upon the area. Lamps provide lighting to a specific area of the room while keeping other parts dark. Ceiling lights can light the entire room or specific sections. Creating a lighting display that makes you feel comfortable at home is important, so including your desired light design in your home’s 3D rendering is vital.

5. Details

An interior designer will look at the details of your room as a piece of the artistic canvas, too. Molding and trim become part of your decor and are the details that can set a room apart. In addition, wall art, shelf decorations, and curtains are other important details when a design artist puts the finishing touches on a room’s remodel.

Placing too many items in a room can become overwhelming, so find molding and wall decor that accent each other and are well-balanced throughout the room. Shelves are a place where overstuffing can quickly occur, but when designing your home neatly, bare shelf space is okay. Leave space between photos, collectibles, figurines, etc., to provide a modern, simpler look.

6. Whole Home Remodel

An interior designer doesn’t just look at one piece of a home and start creating. They take in the entirety of the home from the outside in and design a whole project that will give you the ultimate home makeover.

Sometimes, interior design starts with the idea of completing one room. However, as you design the first room, your inspiration may quickly overflow into wanting to remodel another room. Before you know it, you want to redo the whole house. Interior designers will turn your home into the stunning style you dream about, from landscaping to outdoor appearance to every room in the house, while blending all the colors, patterns, decor, and themes into a luxury home masterpiece.

Get Inspired to Create Your Interior Redesign

Spend time searching for style ideas and decor for your home. Some websites allow you to design an AI model of your room. These renderings give you the advantage of creating a look that inspires you to call an interior designer for a walk through.

During the consultation, you can share your rendering ideas. It also helps the interior designer know what you are looking for in style, furniture, colors, and decor. Working with your interior designer, you will be able to take your ideas and put them into a realistic rendering of your home’s new look.

Find an Interior Designer Today

Whether you want a Farmhouse, Eclectic, Modern, or Minimalistic style to your dream home, interior designers and HOA management are here to help you bring your vision to life. Spending time looking at inspiring ideas and putting them into a 3D rendering will give you direction when speaking with a designer. Find a designer to consult with about your artistic interior design model and start creating your home’s new look today.

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