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Luxury Interior Design Style

Luxury interior design style was born from the Renaissance at the end of the eighteenth century with the most luxurious works, detailed lines meticulously taken care of by the masters of art. This is considered as the first foundation of Luxury style in the world.

Luxury interior design is one of the most popular space arrangements. Luxurious beauty, nobility and self-expression of Luxury interiors are the factors that score in the eyes of the rich.

What Is The Luxury Interior Design Style?

If understood, Luxury means luxury. There are many people mistakenly consider Luxury as a classic style. However, Luxury interior design is even more superior than classic style, it gives homeowners the beauty of luxury, nobility but still very seductive. Classes of the classic style, they have a completely separate characteristic color.

In the luxury interior design style, all furniture is selected from the most upscale things. Unobtrusive, overly flashy on the outside, the beauty of the luxury style is also reflected in the core values ​​of the inside.

Luxury style will bring novelty, with the most perfect luxury for your family space. In particular, the Luxury style using patterned and detailed lines achieves the best level of sophistication, which will make you admire and be surprised by its beauty. If you are looking for living room interior designing then porcelain tiles manufactured by Group Of Metro is the best choice for you.

The Outstanding Features Of Luxury Interiors


In interior design Luxury personalization is the most prominent feature. The high-end customers who do not want the interior of their house to be like anyone else do not want to use mass products in showrooms. They expect their interior design to be distinct from how long furniture is, what shape is it, what materials are used, and is it suitable for other furniture? is considered the top advantage of this design style. The ideas from the sketches will be fully expressed in space. Each of these details are transformed to achieve the highest perfection.

Therefore, the luxury style has no standards, because the extent of this trend depends on the owner of the apartment. Elements of personalization in interior design, as well as the owner’s “ego,” shape the appearance of your interior.

Color In Luxurious Style Interior Design

For other designs, the design colors can be based on the harmony between the interior, exterior or other individual elements. However, in luxury interior design, architects must have an overview of all the details to create a uniform design in a complete block. At the same time it exudes a different class. Deluxe colors are generally not fixed and are not limited to variations.

Materials Used In Construction

Really when it comes to the word Luxury, everyone should immediately think of high-end, expensive and rare materials. The materials used to create the interior of the luxury design style are used by the elite.

Also, you may be overwhelmed to see the furniture made from the highest quality wood furniture and inlaid with gold, the meticulous lines with enthusiasm and creativity created by the architect. Not only that, the furniture is also designed to ensure the necessities of life and serve the life of customers at the highest level.

The materials and furniture used in the luxury style also change over time. In that early period there were glasses, mirrors, the most precious materials of that time. At present, high-quality materials include rare natural wood, gold metal, marble, crystal.

What Is The Interior Of A Luxury Project?

Luxury furniture is known as the “royal interior style” because unique and high-end materials with expensive prices are always prioritized in this design style.

Sophistication Down To The Last Detail

In the luxurious interior space, small details such as lines, motifs, prints, have achieved absolute sophistication.

The small details are not merely decorative and are arranged selectively, but must also be coordinated in harmony, according to the whole, bringing a luxurious and magnificent beauty to the interior of the seventh. It must be someone with a certain eye and understanding of this style to know how luxurious luxury is.

The luxury interior design style is quite new, but it is gradually becoming the number 1 trend favored by the elite. Without being too flashy, too flashy on the outside, but the knowledge of luxury is at the core with high applicability, providing the best comfort without losing the inherent luxury. In addition, luxury has a bold historical value, which is the crystallization of the highest contemporary artistic values ​​in interior design.

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