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How to play Android games on your PC

Have you ever wished if it could be possible to run games on your PC instead of that tiny phone screen of yours? Well, we see a plethora of phone applications being created owing to the increased mobile penetration. Still, some apps can only be experienced to the fullest when emulated to a PC. Thanks to technology and newer apps that let you play android games on PC hassle-free! But the question here is how to run those apps on your computer? There are many ways that you can do this.

1. BlueStacks

To start with, BlueStacks has been one of the oldest yet trusted Android app emulators. Unfortunately, downloading it could take up approximately 2GB of space. Still, it would not disappoint you in any way, and with this Bluestacks 2 offline installer, it can be downloaded easily and using lesser internet. It is power-packed with features that make sure there is no unnecessary glitch while playing your favorite games. BlueStacks is unmatchable when it comes to enhancing the gaming experience. It comes with built-in mappings for the mouse and keyboard, customizable to the touch controls on different games.

What’s more? BlueStacks uses Android 7.1 as its base is the highest when compared to all other alternatives. In addition, it lets you adjust the resolution, FPS, DPI, and CPU or RAM, making sure that there is a balance maintained between speed and graphics.

Apart from minute lags here and there, BlueStacks provides a fair way for those who want to play and multi-task.

2. Nox player

Next in line is the Nox player, which is considered the best alternative to BlueStacks and packed with the same capabilities. The interface is quite similar to that of an Android tablet and runs Android 7.0 Nougat. It also comes with customizable keyboard mapping and lets you choose a performance mode as per your choice. However, it does come with a few hitches, like a bit of lag and stutter, especially regarding the loading time. For a newbie, the app involves many learning experiences as it has to be set up from scratch.

3. Game Loop 

Previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, Gameloop started the picture as the official emulator for PUBG mobile. However, it is not just restricted to PUBG. It has got a variety of FPS, MOBA, and other strategy games available for its users.

Coming to its features, there is nothing extraordinary. It has got keyboard mapping, screenshot, and recording feature to it. The display resolution goes up to 1280 x 720 at the max, and you can switch the DPI between 160 and 480.

The gaming performance is not that great, given it is most likely to function smoothly only if you play games like call of duty and PUBG but does not provide a suitable option if the user wants to play a non-Game Loop game given the amount of lag and stutter it comes with.

4. Genymotion 

Genymotion is a respectable emulator that you can easily download for free after creating an account on the website. The app lets you choose from a list of templates that you can install to decide the screen resolution and the android version that you want. 

Genymotion supports Android versions from 4.4 to 10.0, which is a feature to be appreciated. Other than that, a few other controls exist along the edges of the window, like the screen rotating feature and volume. However, there are no pre-installed games, and the user has to install a Google apps package to get his hands on a few games that he wishes to play. Thus, the user needs to apply some significant effort to keep the app going.


In the end, it all boils down to what features a user is explicitly looking for while he wishes to play games on his PC. A high degree of understanding and analysis is needed to ascertain which app works the best for your gaming experience to be nothing short of the best. Getting your Android games to your PC is a difficult task, undoubtedly given the time and effort it requires. However, once you realize which emulator works the best, you can choose the games you want to play and hope that the emulator supports them. Until then, keep looking!

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