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5 Online Streaming Apps That Have The Feature Of Subtitles

We have presumably successfully wrapped up the 2020 lockdown by pulling off everything under the sun, from staying indoors to deploying every preventive measure, from abating regular 8 hours job to adapting new work from home policies, from binge-watching series and movies to discerning covid situations daily, from cooking tasty dishes to whipping Dalgona coffee, from attending zoom classes to writing virtual exams, from delivering online presentations to learning new skills on-screen through streaming apps, from setting up a home workout routine to meditating our fears away and what-not.

Keeping in mind the current situation, we’re progressing towards lockdown 2.0, for which we need to occupy ourselves with a plethora of new in-house activities. If you feel bored to death by watching the same old Netflix series, television programs, and movies, we might have something exciting in store for you. Your hunt for fishing new-fangled ways to pass the time comes to an end ‘because you have landed up at the right place.

Generally, individuals prefer to watch a particular show or movie created either in their native language or the languages they understand well. But what to do if you run low in the choices of movies and shows? Once, twice, three times max, one can probably decide to re-watch it, but then what? 

We suggest you try a different genre in a foreign language. Baffled enough?! Well, allow us to recapitulate this for you.

The shows and movies of the other languages and regions, which are probably out of our grasp and understanding, can be a source of recreation and leisure interest. However, you can generate subtitles with the help. Many online streaming apps provide a feature of subtitles that allow straightforward interpretation and perception to the viewers. This ‘subtitle attribute’ can be modified according to our requirements and needs. You can effortlessly comprehend the storyline of every Anime, Korean, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, etc., show, movie, or series, anything with the help of this wondrous property.

Furthermore, to assist you, we’ve summed up some top-notch online streaming apps that fully render you the service of Subtitles. Let’s dive right into it-

1. YouTube

The most favored Google product, YouTube, is an online video platform that contributes millions and billions of videos to stream free of cost. According to YouTube statistics research, the viewer count will cross 228 million by 2024.

Google continues to polish the app regularly to ensure a better user experience for the spectators. The subtitle feature of Youtube delivers accurate captions below the video for clear understanding and perception.

The subtitles are usually displayed in English, and their appearance can be modified accordingly. You can alter the font, increase or decrease the font size, set an apt color for distinct comprehension, etc.

2. Netflix Streaming Apps

Netflix is set to embark on its prominence on the global level. Originally an American content platform, Netflix subsidiaries set up worldwide have given mass appeal to the viewers. It allures thousands of viewers daily with its wide variety of genres like action, rom-com, crime and thriller, documentaries, anime, Kdramas, horror, comedies, etc.

Moreover, every show, movie, or series is enabled with subtitles attribute, which will prove beneficial when watching, the Spanish show Dark Desire or Korean anime series Kakegurui. All this can be availed by the users choosing a suitable subscription plan quite reasonably.

3. Amazon Prime Video Streaming Apps

We all acknowledge by now how excellent Amazon’s online shopping facilities are, and so is the Prime video rental service of Amazon.

It is an online platform that offers videos on demand beyond the top streaming. It is pretty much the same as Netflix but more affordable. It includes shows, movies, and series of diverse genres for the viewers to enjoy.

Its exclusive content is what makes it unique. They offer numerous Amazon original shows, which create hype amongst Prime Video viewers. Amazon Prime Video also presents the feature of subtitles for more reliable recognition and easy grasping to the watchers so that they don’t miss out on any punch line.

You can try free amazon prime membership for the first month, then you can get subscribe to the membership if can continue.

4. HBO now

HBO now is a subsidiary of Home Box Office, Inc, designed to provide online streaming of HBO shows anytime, anywhere to its viewers. You can enjoy blockbuster hits, must-watch series, ground-breaking documentaries, classic movies, and Yada Yada Yada.

This application comes with an inbuilt subtitle feature that ensures every person drawn to watch HBO now grasps the storyline of every movie, conjectures every plot of the documentary, and laughs at every anecdote. All you got to do is subscribe to their plan and choose the show from their genre list to relish.

5. Sony LIV

Sony LIV is an Indian entertainment video-on-demand service application owned by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd. It offers countless shows, movies in different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, etc. Its integrated subtitle attribute makes it facile to comprehend the dialogues of every show available on Sony LIV. Users can effortlessly stream online TV channels as well via these streaming apps. The viewers are assured to enjoy a wide variety of shows, movies, web series, and even sports through the Sony LIV app anywhere, anytime.

We hope you’ll give it a try on this. We recommend starting with the ‘Death Note’ anime show, one of the greatest hits by far. While such a deplorable and gruesome turn of events, it is the need of the moment that we make every effort to stay positive, keep ourselves engaged rather than overthink and fight this mounting gloominess boldly. 

In all your free time, keep browsing, keep enjoying!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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